So, I was open and talked about my journey.


Being vulnerable is hard.

It’s like opening a part of your chest and praying that others accept what they see. I feel like that is this entire journey. Being vulnerable, unable to hide the pieces tearing open, and praying that someone will hear you, hold space for you, and possibly, understand you.

I was very fortunate to be welcomed as a guest blogger on a popular doula agency’s website. They gave me the space to be able to tell my story in two blog posts for #nationalinfertilityweek and the response from these posts was comforting and supportive.

The first post is one that can easily catch you up on our journey since last fall. A lot has happened and, of course, I will post a bit here, but this one was written the morning after finding out we got a negative after our third IUI. It is very vulnerable and raw.

I hope that you enjoy reading “I’m Not Broken: My Infertility Journey“.

The next post that I did for National Infertility Week was something that we can all commiserate with – it was a post about the things we have all, most likely, learned from infertility.

I hope that you enjoy reading “10 Things I Know About Infertility“.

I look forward to sharing parts of our journey as we continue to walk this trying, worthwhile path towards parenthood.


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