when zika steps into your life plans.


we had to sign an official form with our clinic that i will not travel to the southern states or any place with confirmed zika cases. if we want to use my wife’s eggs for reciprocal ivf, she has to be eight weeks (according to our doctor, preferably six months) past any travel into these areas.

it brings a lot of worry to us both since her work has her traveling to mexico twice a year. do we go by the cdc’s recs of 8 weeks and trust in that? or longer?

i’m scared of zika. seriously, it’s not something that i want to chance or fuck with. but my desire, if this last round doesn’t work, would be to harvest her eggs asap (like yesterday).

we have things to think about.

we also have time for future children.

we will do this sooner or later.

we just have to fix our expectations.

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