the results!

yesterday was emotional – to say the least. but my wife was extraordinary. she was brave. she was selfless. and she was beyond anything that i could have imagined. going into this surgery had to be scary and you carry a ton of emotion, but i am so proud of seeing how my wife handled it.

i feel like we are still processing yesterday after everything – her retrieval, my cervical stitches, her discomfort and nausea, all the emotions on how everything happened, family and friend support or lack of it, the stress of more needles into my ass – it was just a very overwhelming, emotional day.

but worth it.

we got the news today with the results of how many mature eggs she had and how many fertilized. i know you are so excited to hear!



9  eggs retrieved

8 fertilized

7 are perfect.  


those seven embryos will stay in their perfectly controlled environment until monday. monday morning we will learn exactly how many made it to day 5 blastocysts and we will transfer two of those into my uterus at the peak point of the solar eclipse. yes, this (these) baby(ies) will possibly be magical. amazing, i know.

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  1. This post is awesome. Good luck!! Excited to see more from you.


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