the waiting game. 

we are playing the waiting game. 

isn’t this all just a waiting game for one thing or another? like we are leapfrogging from one moment to the next? 

I feel like for the last year our hearts have lived inside our throats and our bodies are trying to find stability in it’s new normal – constantly changing normal. 

there is anxiety in the waiting and waiting and waiting. 

but there is also stillness. there is me just breathing deep and feeling and visualizing and believing. 

there is me taking a moment and a step back to assess the situation before we move forward to what is next. 

there is just me being still and hearing my mom tell me to ‘let go, let god’.

at some point you realize this is all science and magic anyway. 

we’ve always been that – science and magic. 

I’m going to try to believe in that and find my peace with all of this. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. MommySquared says:

    Oh, isn’t it just science and magic, though? What a perfect description. Hope you are getting good news…we still cautiously optimistic over here.


  2. Sending positive vibes and love


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