some answered questions about the babies.

We heard their heartbeats yesterday at our 8-week appointment. We saw them wiggle and wiggle and wiggle. They’re alive. They’re growing. And we can’t help but think they’re magical.

We are honoring this time as they grow and grow inside me, but we look forward to the moment that they enter earthside. We have many hopes and excitement for these two little ones. We have stockpiles of cloth diapers and baby sweaters ready for their arrival. We are dreaming of their little feet and faces and the people they can become.

We are excited to share our excitement with you.

Here are the questions that we’ve been asked a ton of times and know we will be asked a ton more:

Are you having twins? Are they identical?! 

– Yes, we are having babies. They come from two separate embryos, so they are fraternal. We are encouraging people to say ‘two babies’ versus twins so that we can change the language of grouping children together (i.e. “the twins”, “the girls”, “the boys”).

Do you know what gender they are? Do you want boys or girls?

– We will not announce the SEX until they’re born. We won’t know their gender for a while. Depending on that child it could be in toddlerhood or later in life – their choice. Until then, we are happily going to dress them in our favorite colors and styles (Shilpa really enjoys Patagonia outfits and Sweaters while I’m more of an Amish dresses and wool pants kind of person). Their sex does not equal gender and we refuse to attribute traits and ideas to our children when they are encouraged to freely express themselves.

How did you make this baby? 

– Pull up a chair, we will love to tell you this story.

Who is carrying? 

– Mama.

Do they have a dad? 

– No. They have a Mama and an Amma.

I’ll still be documenting on the blog. It has been hard (and really lonely) not being able to post anything these last several weeks. I feel like I’ve come up with a ton of posts in my head wanting to share the journey and haven’t been able to talk about it. I am so grateful that we are sharing this news now. 

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  1. MommySquared says:

    This is so amazing to read. Congratulations!! (We always planned to wait until birth to learn the sex as well, and I always felt similarly about gender. You are going to make such wonderful mothers.)


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