17/40 (goal 17/36)

Currently see hospital-based midwives, MFM, and an OB nearly every week.
We know the sex – with all the ultrasounds, it was very easy to tell.
We know their names.
We hired a photographer (Monet Nicole Photography) and a doula that specializes in hypnobabies.
Both babies are healthy and thriving. They continue to measure a bit ahead.
I’ve recently started having Braxton Hicks and nerve pain. Woot.
Baby A is head down against my (super long, another woot) cervix. Baby B is on my right side behind my ribs. They’ve been then for the last six weeks.
We are starting to get our Birth plan in order.
The goal, if Baby A continues to stay head down, is a vaginal delivery. The compromise is to deliver in the OR with an epidural in case Baby B needs to have someone reach in (ouch!) and turn him or if I need an emergency C-section. Without that epidural, if I needed a C-section, they would have to put me to sleep and I would miss that birth.
Our goal is to bypass preterm labor and make it to full term, but at the very least make it to 36 weeks.
Nausea has left me but there has been a boatload of new symptoms. I’m a lot happier now despite them and the insane exhaustion.
We made it this far without any issues – praying it continues.
Babies are healthy. I’m starting to nest. I can’t wait to meet them.

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  1. MommySquared says:

    Glad to hear that you are happier now without the nausea and that the babies are healthy. And fingers crossed that you make it to 36 weeks (maybe beyond!)


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