and things take a turn (fighting lying down). 

we saw these two today. they’re rambunctious and healthy. I was a bit tired of these scans every two weeks. Part of me thought they were useless and overdone but, know what, I’m grateful? These scans check my cervix length and make sure the babies are growing. Up to this 21 week point, my cervix has been prime. No issues. Today? Well, today we got the scary news that it shortened a lot and started funneling. You don’t want want to hear this. You don’t want words like “preterm labor” and “survival rates” in the conversation. We were presented with options and had to make a quick decision. We had to cancel my birthday trip because the need to rest as much as possible. And instead, I’ll be spending my birthday recovering from a surgery that will – hopefully – allow my body to keep these two inside way pass the weeks of vitality. I’m scared. My wife is scared. Its so hard dealing with this without friends and family nearby. But we know that parenting is scary and lonely and often filled with hard choices to make. Thursday morning we will appreciate all the prayers and thoughts that we can get. And with each passing week, we will thank the universe that they stay comfortable and snuggled inside.
We are praying that with the cervical cerclage (this is outpatient surgery done with a spinal tap) and rest, we can keep them in long (longer) enough to survive and have a chance. This has been the scariest thing that’s happened. 

Important dates 

  • 24 weeks (week of viability – the moment they’ll try to save babies) Jan 16. They’ll have a 50% chance. 
  • 28 weeks – Feb. 13. They’ll have a 97 % chance. 
  • We are praying that they’ll stay in until February. 


21 week update 

  • nearly a week ago we went into the emergency room due to bleeding. it was caused by us having sex and irritating my cervix. we were sent home because all is well. 
  • last Friday I got the results of my GD test. Guess what I got for Christmas? Gestational diabetes. 
  • They both are now head down. 

One Comment Add yours

  1. MommySquared says:

    Oh no…definitely thinking of you and praying that they hold out well beyond 28 weeks. That’s terrifying! Please keep us posted…always hoping you’re doing well!! 🙂


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