this is 11 months.


his is 11 months.
this is what three month early
premature babies could look like.
thriving, adventurous, cunning and clever.
independent af.
this has been 11 months
of producing milk
and nine months of exclusively nursing twins
with no end in sight.
this is 11 months
co-sleeping, baby wearing, being security attached
but also perched away and observing.
giving space for them to grow,
to fall and fail,
to figure out their shit.
this is 11 months.
12 flights under their belt.
teething currently happening.
one nearing walking.
the other crawling.
lots of ‘mama’ being said.
we made it this far.
babies and mama.
this is 11 months.
my body squishy and perfect,
my breasts saggy with milk,
transformed into exactly what they needed.
we are thriving together.
co-exsisting together.
being together.
this is 11 months.
y’all are doing great.
I am doing great.
this is 11 months of being one kick ass mama.
babies are tall, an appropriate weight, and hitting the milestones they need to hit. it’s great. we don’t live by charts or papers or any one philosophy. we just live. they’re healthy and thriving.

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  1. MommySquared says:

    Beautiful babies. Beautiful mama. I love that sentiment about not living by charts. May we all remember to celebrate the uniqueness of our babies instead of comparing them to others. ❤


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