of ammas and wives. it’s her journey too.

My entire heart begins to beat faster and warms up to a temperature that is pretty unbearable – but in the best way. When you choose someone to parent with – you hope that they will be just as enthusiastic about parenting and your children as you are. And, sometimes that doesn’t necessarily happen. Roles begin to be placed on each other, you tend to live up to those roles, and one might end up doing more with the children than the other. .

We don’t use ‘primary’, ‘main’ or any other word to say one parent has more weight in our home than the other. It diminishes our roles and our partnership and we try hard to watch that language. I really try hard to watch that language. Because even if she is out of the house most of the day working hard to sustain our family – her role as a parent is never gone. Our children is constantly on her mind, a book or podcast or video is constantly being consumed by her between high stakes meetings, and she’s giving her all into parenting. We wanted this. We wanted them. And here we are – giving our all the best we can. I’m feeling grateful today. I’m feeling grateful that my wife is as invested in their development and well-being as much as I am. I am grateful that they reach for her for comfort, that they see us as equals. And that we strive to be. Parenting is hard as fuck and I feel so grateful I have someone stand strong next to me during this path we’ve chosen together. .

So, here I am, watching my wife observe our children. Watching her listen to podcasts, read books, and figure out ways to encourage our children and honor their development. I’m doing this with a full heart. A heart filled with love and gratitude for her. And a heart that is so excited to spend the evening building and playing with my family.

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