our story.

November 2018

We grasped it, finally.

Mamahood. Amma hood.

With our two humans.

So different, but shared the same womb, the same breasts.

They’re a little over nine moments and this is me trying to heal.

From a traumatic pregnancy.

traumatic birth.

traumatic postpartum.

and the ongoing struggle of postpartum ocd.

welcome back, folx.





Mama & Amma

We are two women who are married to each other and stretching towards motherhood as we wholeheartedly battle infertility due to a hypothyroid and PCOS and our journey through pregnancy with twins all the while making playlists together. This blog is written by Mama unless otherwise specified.

find us on Instagram: teamraptorrex

current update as of november 2017:

  • went through the process of receipical ivf (amma’s eggs, mama’s uterus)
  • transfer occurred during the Aug. eclipse
  • Four days later we got our first positive
  • Currently in the second trimester with twins
  • currently carrying: two humans with boundless energy